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Free Shipping On Orders Above $35

Our Story

Oh So Fancy Schmancy was created to help build confidence in young girls through the use of positive affirmations. I believe every girl deserves to be showered by multiple sources of encouragement. Whether she is told she is wonderful, smart, beautiful and courageous by her loved ones, or visually encouraged by messages of empowerment, positive affirmations are essential in building, ingraining, and reinforcing a healthy self-esteem in girls. 

I am very passionate about affirming, uplifting, and empowering girls because I can vividly recall as a pre-teen and teenager feeling like something was missing in my life, but unable to articulate it. At a very young age I was taken out of the custody of my mother, who due to drug and alcohol abuse, was unable to care for me and my younger brother. My grandparents graciously took on the role as my caretakers, until at the age of 10, my grandmother passed away. Subsequently, I endured the instability and insecurity of being shuffled around to treatment centers and groups homes, until I eventually landed into the foster care system at the age of 13.

Unfortunately my parents never recovered from their personal issues to be active parents, and since reunification or adoption wasn’t possible, I entered into the Independent Living Program. Through this program, I was emancipated at age 16. I’ve had a very challenging and unique journey. Very few people in my life supported, encouraged or uplifted me.

Nevertheless undeterred by adversity, and driven to overcome my humble beginnings, I studied diligently and graduate from adult high school while working a full time job. At the age of 19, not forgetting the other casualty of my mother's abandonment, I sought and gained custody of my younger brother with whom I took on the responsibility of caring for in hopes that he wouldn't become a statistic. After my brother turned 18, I left my small town and went on to graduate college at the age of 22 and secure a position at a Fortune 500 Company to start my career. 

Fast forward to 2017, 15 years later, I am now focused on doing what I love which is helping others. I hope that you will support Oh So Fancy Schmancy and join me in this chapter of my life where I feel I can make the most impact and do my best work. I believe I stand on the shoulders of giants and have a responsibility to pay it back and pay it forward.

Thanks for visiting,

Kia Payne

Founder & Chief Underwear Giver